NEXT Ambassadors

Conrad Hopp

Conrad is currently a 4th year student at the University of Toronto, pursuing a degree in Mineral Engineering with an interest in environmental technologies and sustainability. He is the Co-founder of Aquova Water Technologies, a company that utilizes a patentable combination of hardware and software to provide mining companies with solutions to treat their contaminated water. He also serves as President for TechXplore, a student-run club dedicated to teaching technical skills like Python, R, and many other programs to fellow students, for the sole purpose of helping enrich their intellectual horizons.

With that, Conrad is also a former athlete for the national team at Canoe Kayak Canada, where he had the opportunity to represent the country at the 2014 Pan American Championships, and the 2015 Under 23 World Championships in which he placed 6th and 10th respectively. After retiring from his athletic career, Conrad looked for ways to apply his passion and energy into his venture and studies, which is where he found the Next 36.

When Conrad is not immersed in work or schoolwork, he enjoys staying active with kayaking, eating, cooking, and picking up new technical skills. 

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