This AI can black out sensitive data before making documents public

Feb 21, 2017

Document analysis is one of the fastest-growing areas for machine learning, and Knote can cut the cost of redacting official documents by about 80%. 

Two years ago, Next 36 alumnus Ron Glozman found himself in a typical student situation. He’d put off studying and had 1,500 textbook pages to go over in just 48 hours. Knowing the task was impossible, he instead tried to create a shortcut. He quickly whipped up an algorithm that could scan and digest the pages, then deliver him a summary. His software tool would effectively give him the Coles Notes version of the material.

Knote the company was born in 2016, with the new focus being on lawyers, an increasingly popular target for AI developers. With so much of their jobs being document digestion, it’s a field that’s particularly well suited for help via automation.

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