Next Founders alumna Jane Wang explains working with "no" when closing tough sales deals

Apr 03, 2017

At the latest HealthTO meetup, Optimity CEO Jane Wang shared tips and tricks for closing the toughest sales deals, even when your customer says “no.”

Wang started her talk by sharing background on Optimity, which provides a digital platform for employee health and wellness. It uses customizable mobile apps and wearables to aggregate data, and retargets high-risk segments to reduce employee risks for heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

Drawing on hypothetical examples of sales meetings, Wang explained how salespeople tend to go overboard when convincing others to buy their “beautiful product” which may lead to a “no.” But according to Wang, it’s not about pressuring the customer; it’s about showing them why they need your product.

“It’s not about being flashy or pressuring someone into it,” said Wang. “It’s really kind of a two-way dialogue. As part of that dialogue, you really have to learn how to navigate. You need to talk about urgency…why do they need that . Every day that they don’t have your product, they’re losing money.”

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