CareGuide's Alyssa Atkins explains how non-fintech startups can find growth opportunities in fintech

Jun 07, 2017

Startups can leverage opportunities in FinTech without actually being a financial services company, according to Alyssa Atkins, Next 36 alumna and Director of Marketing at Toronto-based CareGuide.

Speaking at the latest FinTechTO, Atkins said there are several ways non-FinTech companies can find opportunities in FinTech — and for FinTech companies to capitalize on “non-FinTech” initiatives to help grow their businesses.

Atkins gave the example of CareGuide, whose main offering is an an online marketplace that connects people looking for and willing to provide care. CareGuide entered the FinTech space through the spinoff of HeartPayroll, a tool that takes control of the complete payroll process, by providing T4s for nannies and adult caregivers, calculating net and gross pay, and taxes.

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