Artificial intelligence takes on white-collar duties

Jun 05, 2017

Maybe it’s unfair that some people think tax lawyers have the personality of a robot, but Benjamin Alarie (Next Founders, 2016) considers that to be a plus.

A Yale-trained lawyer himself, Mr. Alarie’s Toronto firm, Blue J Legal, harnesses artificial (or augmented) intelligence (AI) to help lawyers and their clients work their way through the complications of tax law.

“It’s a way to supercharge the legal system. We take hundreds of cases on different legal questions and train AI on how the courts make those decisions, so users can run predictions on how the courts might decide a new case,” he says.

Blue J Legal is at the cutting edge of a wave of new uses for AI. Robots, which have already taken over manual labour and factory work, are finding their way quickly into white-collar and professional jobs that require judgment and thinking.

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