William Mougayar

Founder, Startup Management

William Mougayar is a serial entrepreneur, venture advisor, angel investor, blogger, and founder of Startup Management. He has started and raised money for 3 companies – Engagio, Eqentia, and CYBERManagement. Two of them were sold. He is an expert on startup growth, business model strategies, sales, and marketing. William has more than 31 years of strategic, operational, and leadership experience in the technology industry. His career included 14 years at Hewlett-Packard in senior sales & marketing management roles, 10 years as an independent thought leader, 6 months at Aberdeen Group as VP and Technology practice leader, and 2.5 years as global VP of Corporate Marketing at Cognizant of Teaneck, NJ. William also authored 2 books, consulted for numerous Fortune 500 companies, was a professional speaker, and wrote a ton of articles throughout the years. He was also the founding Chairman of CommerceNet Canada. William is a graduate of the University of Washington, the University of Western Ontario, and attended the University of British Columbia’s Graduate Commerce School.