Peter LaMantia

CEO, Authentic Web

Peter founded Authentic Web to address the needs of brand enterprises in the newly forming closed brand registry market. The company platform delivers control and visibility in the management of closed brand registry assets and will enable marketers the ability to distribute authentic and consistent brand experiences, strengthen affinity relationships and drive advocacy actions. In 2009, Peter was appointed President of, a $20 million web services, domain name registrar and Fortune 1000 operating entity, Peter lead the business, building the team, successfully migrating several hundred thousand web and domain name services, drove a value proposition transformation by introducing innovative online marketing services and then transitioned the business to the parent company’s matrix structure in 2011. Peter operated a management consultant firm for 10 years; serving technology CEOs to bring web and communications services to new markets. With domain expertise he developed strategic business plans and executed sales and marketing programs to drive client business growth. Various engagements included the completion of a prospectus for, a platform provider of a private-label web services, serving some of the worlds largest telecommunications companies. The prospectus and IPO raised $29million and the business was subsequently sold for $124 million to Deluxe Corporation in 2008.   In 1990, prior to entering technology, Peter was VP Operations running a 500 person silviculture company. In 1996, he entered the technology space with Mobile Computing Corp., an enterprise solutions and hardware business accepting progressively senior roles in operations, project management, sales and financial planning.  Joining Look Communications in 2000 as Director of Sales and Marketing, Peter drove the growth of to become the largest shared hosting provider in Canada serving SMBs. Peter enjoys innovating with constantly evolving web and communication technologies where he applies expertise across sales, marketing, operations, product management, business planning, execution and leadership.   Peter is a Mentor with The Next 36 Entrepreneurial Leadership Program.