Neil Spivack

Founder and CEO, Knewsales Group

Founder, and President of Knewsales Group, Neil Spivack has been recognized in the media through a number of publications. Among the many accomplishments Neil was nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2010.

Neil has pioneered the way in which Direct Sales has been marketed over the past two decades utilizing the skills that he learnt while working with one of the largest ad agencies. Neil quickly saw that traditional media couldn't provide the type of ROI that clients should receive with their advertising spend.

With this information Neil launched his first business in 2002 titled Direct Sales Force. Being ahead of the curve Neil once again saw that creating brand awareness through a unique customer experience would deliver ROI. With this in mind he launched his Experiential Marketing agency well before that term existed. This company being titled Direct Branding Force in 06.

Both of these businesses were recognized as being one of the fastest growing start up businesses of its kind in North America and got recognized by Profit Magazine in 07 and 08 for the annual Hot 50 and in 2010 for the Profit 100.

Neil decided to continue on his path of growth by launching his business in both the US and UK and re-branding both companies with the Direct Sales company being Knewsales Group and the Experiential Marketing arm being named Magnet Engagement Group. Both of these companies are quickly becoming one of the largest and most trusted face to face marketing solutions globally.

Neil continues to put a strong focus around education by completing the Entrepreneurs Masters Program through MIT. In addition Neil has been an active member of a number of different industry associations. These include: Canadian Marketing Association, Entrepreneurs Organization and Young Presidents Organizations (YPO).

Neil is currently volunteering with The Next 36, mentoring future Entrepreneurs and helping them through the start up stage of business.