Sagar Malhi

Engineering Physics, The University of British Columbia, 2015

Sagar Malhi is driven by passion and a desire to make an impact on those around him. Graduating with an Engineering Physics degree from the University of British Columbia, he honed his technical skills by working for companies such as Blackberry, Intel, and Apple. Here, Sagar gained a wealth of knowledge in product development, in both software and hardware. After returning from work, he led a team of 50 biomedical engineers in the research and development of devices targeted towards improving patient care in low resource settings, and in the rehabilitation of Alzheimer’s patients. While completing his degree, Sagar helped launch FlexTex, a roofing textiles company, where he worked as a marketing manager and directed the branding of the startup. Being interested in solving a multitude of problems and seeing results from his work, Sagar is looking to create disruptive technologies that may one day lead a global change.