Mitchell Lesbirel

Management, Dalhousie University, 2011

Born and raised in NS, Mitchell is a Dalhousie Management Graduate who has lived, studied and travelled in over 50 countries. He co-owns Axle Plastic Inc. who placed their product FastRack into 1 500 independent homebrew retail stores in 30 countries within 24 months. Axle now sells 4 product lines with projections of over 2 000 retail locations by 2016 including a March launch with Costco.ca Mitchell’s newest hardware/software project, ReGrow, is a Low Level Laser Helmet for re-growing hair in women and men. ReGrow is launching summer 2015. He has also worked in Real Estate and recently completed a multi million-dollar sale of 54 apartment units in NS. Mitchell loves the hustle by taking new ideas and finding the fastest and most scalable way to take them to market. Mitchell is an extreme sports addict who boxes and kiteboards and has swam with great white sharks, sky dived and bungee jumped.