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2012 Ventures

StrokeLink empowers stroke survivors by providing them with the necessary tools to regain independence. With StrokeLink therapists can communicate rehabilitation plans directly to their patients while collecting meaningful data on their patients’ progress.



Triumf is a loyalty program that lets you earn the rewards you want for buying the things you like at the places you love! Through its easy-to-use system, Triumf allows businesses to drive traffic, reward loyalty, and connect with their most valuable customers through fun, engaging rewards. Whether it’s a lunch with the restaurant owner or five minutes of all-you-can-eat cupcakes, Triumf draws customers to experience the unique personalitybehind their favourite places.



Your Atlus is an easy way to quickly discover local restaurants, cafés, and other places you'll love, from the people you trust. Imagine your friends' recommendations were always at your fingertips; simply look at your Atlus to see a dynamic map of your city curated by your friends.


BetterU is an online platform that allows employees to collaboratively design their learning plans and managers to follow and support their progress. Employees can review and recommend learning opportunities in order to discover the most effective learning methods.



Kira Talent is a collaborative platform that accelerates the interview process using video - leaving behind stacks of impersonal resumes and applications. Using pre-recorded video questions and timed video responses, Kira brings the real-life interview feel online, and allows recruiters to share and rate candidates. Kira helps organizations find the best individuals and companies build great teams.


MobiCare (Acquired in April 2012 by American-based Masonic Aging Services Corporation) helps family and friends care for people living with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. MobiCare coordinates caregiving responsibilities, tracks symptoms, and relieves stress by building a community support network.


Row 1 Sports makes watching sports more fun.  Sports fans check-in to their favourite games, answer questions about the next play and compete against their friends to become the ultimate sports fan.  Row 1 Sports is free for users and provides a platform for brands and teams to offer sports fans targeted rewards and promotions.


Penyo Pal creates engaging learning experiences for kids and kids at heart – we call it edu-play-tion.  Learning Mandarin is fun with our virtual pet as your guide as you play games throughout Penyo Planet. Download Penyo Pal onto your tablet or smartphone and you’ll be saying “nǐ hǎo” in no time!