Julie Morton

Executive Coach, Family Coach, Board Advisor

Communication is the foundation for strong and trusting relationships. It’s pivotal for informed decision making, for influencing others and for effectively creating a future to live into and execute. Powerful communication allows for increased control, workability, and ease in every area of your life. If you, your family or your board are interested in creating stronger relationships, making quicker, effective and highly satisfying decisions, executing plans and achieving goals, enhancing executive presence or maximizing your 'brand', communication coaching is for you.

Your Legacy is being created every minute of every day whether or not you are aware of it. Communication plays a vital role impacting your personal, professional and family legacy. I can help you to identify, to choose, to acquire and to utilize practical skills to Live Your Legacy every day. Specifically - developing more effective communication skills, conflict reduction, helping to facilitate next steps, overcoming barriers and plans of action.