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What is The Next 36?

The Next 36 is a resource-rich program designed to nurture the entrepreneurial promise of 36 undergraduates with extraordinary potential each year. It was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs, business leaders and academics in response to Canada's need for more high-impact entrepreneurs, and is championed by Founding Patrons W. Galen Weston, Paul Desmarais, Sr. and Jimmy Pattison. For nine months, 36 young entrepreneurs are mentored by Canada’s top business leaders, taught by some of the world's top business faculty, and work to earn funding from top venture capitalists. The Next 36 has developed a unique selection process, curriculum and venture development program, which have resulted in immediate national demand from students and unparalleled support from the business, academic and investment community. The program is described by mentors, donors and participants as transformational.

What makes The Next 36 unique?

Though sometimes compared to a startup incubator or accelerator, neither of these terms adequately describes The Next 36. No program in the world provides the same mix of CEO mentorship, investment, academic instruction, networking opportunities and exclusive events.

The program is specifically focused on innovative university undergraduates and recent grads based on their entrepreneurial potential. While the majority of our young entrepreneurs have built a prior business, The Next 36 challenges them to build a venture from ground zero (no traction, scale or minimum viable product necessary to apply) with the support of mentors, advisors, and investors whose expertise, networks and judgment help them learn and grow faster than they thought possible. The Next 36 takes these young entrepreneurs from student to CEO in nine months.